Phone Gloves

It’s a little too warm for gloves just yet (tomorrow is going to be an unusual 75 degrees) but I thought the concept of these texting finger gloves were cool. Saks has a couple versions: the Echo Touchscreen Knit Gloves, $48, has electromagnetic fabric on the first fingertip and thumb allowing you to use touchscreen devices while keeping your hands warm. The Portolano Blackberry Gloves, $65, has a clever design with turn down index finger and thumb that allows you to comfortably use touchscreen mobile devices on the coldest of days. The are not the most awesome looking styles/colors or the most hi-tech anythings, but I applaud Saks for being the 1st to show me a technology-driven concept.


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  1. I just got some Agloves. These new gloves are also for touch screens, they work great. They are also 10 finger capable because they have silver fibers throughout the entire glove, not just the fingertip. I can even type with them on my iPad. They are reasonably priced at only $17.99. I have never used Echo gloves, but i would rather pay less for a more capable product. Check out their website. . Try Agloves out and you will have a new favorite touch screen glove.

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