MTA Subway Fare Hike December 30, 2010

Ok, it’s true – I don’t take the subway all that much (a hefty chunk of my income happily goes to my favorite and not-favorite yellow cab drivers) but I do feel it’s necessary to point out the major metrocard changes coming your way at the end of the year. And it’s all bad news. The only slight glimmer of hope is that you can stockpile pay-per-ride cards at a 15% bonus before it drops down to 7% — but that’s just a cost savings of 14¢ per ride. Como se dice “Taxi!!……”


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  1. […] With these problems yet to solve, the fare keep rising. This is one of the most common complaints as well. ‘The monthly unlimited ticket is going to charge you $104 by the end of this year,’ said Edward Wesneski. Wesneski is an investment banker who has been working in the city for 5 years. Here is more information about the fare increase. […]

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