Mathematically Organized. Airily Unfinished. Tragically Elegant.

Hi. Happy Sunday.

Mathematically organized. A beautiful way to store organized firewood. I wish I had a fireplace. But even if i did, I’d probably have 1 of those electric ones and still wouldn’t have a need for firewood.

Airily unfinished. Notice the purposefully unfinished blue paint on the walls? I’m big on “purposefully unfinished” in my home because it makes a great excuse when your friend comes over and says ‘I see you’ve made some progress on this mural [with thick sarcasm].” PS. I have that same aluminum Ikea mirror.

Tragically elegant. Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre have a book, The Ruins of Detroit, that showcases sadly elegant photographs of an abandoned and neglected Motor City.


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