That’s Not Taffy.. That’s Animal!

Don’t want you to turn vegetarian or anything (I am far from it!) but this is a strange, strange concept. As a method of maximizing profits, the method of AMR (Advanced Meat Recovery) was created to scrape every single bit of meat off of animal bones in meat production. The bits are then put through a high pressure sieve and out comes this pink paste that is actually flesh and blood. To be honest, it is believable.. but hard for me to fully trust the story since it comes from a pro-vegetarian website ( And also, my brain really just thinks this is pretty strawberry soft serve being squeezed into a cardboard box lid. I want sprinkles!..


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  1. Here’s a link to my blog on a post I did about Chicken Nuggets – it features a video from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, where he shows kids how chicken nuggets are made, and the kids say, “ewwww”. But after he shapes, breads, and fries them up, they all want some!

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