Japanese Kids Injecting Faces

According to this inquisitive Vice article, the crazy kids in Japan are into a special kind of temporary body modification – injecting their foreheads with saline solutions. When it bubbles up, they stick their finger in the middle to make a bagel shape.  I’m trying to eat few carbs these days, so No to Bagels for me, Thank You. I’ll just stick to my own personal temporary body modifications — waking up to presents from friendly mosquitoes. People, when I say Mosquitoes love me, I REALLY MEAN IT. This particular photo was taken 6 hours after the onset – you don’t want to see that 1st one. It’s scarier than the pics up there. Don’t I look like Melanie Griffith?


One response

  1. Sorry about that bite! You must sleep without stirring like my kids do.

    Having grown up in Japan, I watched this age-group (teens+) drive their parents wild. In the 70’s and ’80’s, it was the parents of the kids pictured here who were in the headlines with their Fonzo style haircuts, doing ’50’s style dancing, dressing like members of the band Queen, OR (they usually chose one persona) being a Takenoko-zoku. They usually only dressed this way in ONE neighborhood, Harajuku, and would even change outfits once they arrived at the train station. Now-a-days I am sure they are less subtle about their parallel lives.

    Bottom line: I think it is only fair that THEIR children are doing the same back to them.

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