Bad Baby Costume

I know these things are not supposed to be funny, and usually I am terribly bothered about any kind of child exploitation — but this is just too ridiculous. I mean, how in the world did this pageant mom on TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras ever get the notion that this was in any way a GOOD idea?? Like this Gothamist article points out, mom didn’t even choose to dress her up like the cleaned-up hooker that Juliet Robert’s character in Pretty Woman becomes in the end of this 1990 movie — she chose to dress up her baby as the icky-dirty-shunned hooker from the beginning of the movie! And that baby spray tan is just ludicrous… she looks like she’s wearing old lady stockings all over.


One response

  1. Priceless do we know if this comes in an a double XL…!!! Luv your view of the world check me out !

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