Prosciutto of Pig’s Past


I write this with fear trembling in my fingertips. The other day I was alone in the kitchen grabbing some prosciutto for a snack (my #1 favorite food of all time). As I peeled some off the wax paper and placed it on a plate, I turned around and looked down to find…… A PIG. A scurrying, hairy-eared, (maybe even boar-like), fleeing pig. I was so scared, I took a photo— and then ate it real fast. All of it – I ate all of the prosciutto like Miranda ate that giant cookie cake that said “I Love You”. If I eat it, it doesn’t exist…


One response

  1. You could not very well say, “The pig ate it”. Although, I understand that the more vicious pigs do eat their own.
    Come Due Maiali (Like Two Pigs)

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