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Prosciutto of Pig’s Past


I write this with fear trembling in my fingertips. The other day I was alone in the kitchen grabbing some prosciutto for a snack (my #1 favorite food of all time). As I peeled some off the wax paper and placed it on a plate, I turned around and looked down to find…… A PIG. A scurrying, hairy-eared, (maybe even boar-like), fleeing pig. I was so scared, I took a photo— and then ate it real fast. All of it – I ate all of the prosciutto like Miranda ate that giant cookie cake that said “I Love You”. If I eat it, it doesn’t exist…


I Love French Bulldogs & Babies. Especially When They Are the Same.

This is just, just, just… the best.

Make Yourself At Home

Relax. Take it easy. Take your shoes off and kick your feet up. Please, make yourself at home.

Kate Spade Valentines



Kate Spade’s site is offering a gallery of free Valentine  e-cards made from different friends & artists.  These are some of my favorites (although, I am only now realizing I pair donkeys & pigs up with romance…)

Pretty Bird

Just felt like posting something pretty…

In New York, We Throw Pizza Instead of Breadcrumbs

I didn’t know birds didn’t like meatballs.

Happy Hanukkah!

Dog Says “I Love You”, “Bye Bye” and “Obama”

I don’t know what my latest obsession with humanized dogs is all about but here’s just ONE MORE. This beautiful dog actually speaks! Look at those eyes!..

Cute Lazy Saturday

Hope you’re enjoying the penultimate weekend of the summer!…

Bulldog Watching Family Guy

This one’s for you, Lauren!