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Skittles For Every Touchdown

Here I go, trying to talk about sports again. Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks was filmed eating Skittles after scoring a touchdown in their winning game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Why Skittles? Because that’s what his mommy used to give him when he played football in high school 🙂  After the game, Skittles offered him a 2 year’s supply of the feel-the-rainbow candies.

Kardashians in Order

Ok, yah, Kim got married this weekend, the family launched a Sears line, yada yada yada… business as usual for the Kardashians. But I just came across this photo of all the Kardashian ladies and, like a geek, tried to figure out the method to the madness, the order of chaos, the sequential series that they are all standing in… and then I figured it out. They are standing in order of most attractive, right to left. High fashion model on the right, Rosie O’Donnell with makeup on the left.

Vans Customized Slip-Ons with Hermès

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Robert Verdi (famous fashion spokesperson/interviewer/guy) sent some Hermès scarves to Vans to get some customized slip-ons. Aren’t these great?

Pics from Vans & Bryanboy

Doanie Likes TV

Last week my skills made it on a few shows across TV land..

On Tuesday, Bloomberg TV aired a new show, Bloomberg Enterprise, which showed a glimpse of me looking bored on the phone. Yes, I’m always on the phone but never am I ever bored at work!…Let’s just chalk it up to “stage fright”.

Then a few days later, the marketing girls and I worked on some fun “youth-centric” posters for the crowd at the live Rihanna concert on the Today Show. I was pretty proud of my creation (how often does an adult get the chance to draw leopard print with fat markers?)

The next morning I found out that the team hustled the posters out and a security guard posted my particular one near the stage – whoo hoo!

Do you see it? Over there! On the right! Yah!……

PS. Also in the same week I crossed paths with Spike Lee and then on 5th Ave with Alex from the Real Housewives of NY. No photos there but I can say.. she looks exactly the same as on TV.

Sorry I Can’t Attend Your Wedding.. Because I Have No Idea How to Dress in “Morning Coat” or “Lounge Suit”

Here’s the wedding invitation for Prince William and Kate Middleton that was sent to about 1,900 peons, I mean peasants people. Of these 1,900 close friends & family, 600 are invited to the Queen’s reception immediately following. And of these 600 people, only 300 are invited to Prince Charles’ dinner at Buckingham Palace. I wonder if they are registered at Amazon Wedding

Guess the Celebrity from Yearbook Photos

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Can you guess which red-carpet celebrities these cutie teens grow up to become? I’m particularly fond of the the photo of “noreht ezilrahc”  (name spelled backwards) who looks geek-chic 2010.

Happy New Year – OWN It!

Oprah launched her new eponymous network, OWN,  today at noon? Why? Because she CAN!

Happy New Year and make sure you also OWN this 2011 because you CAN, dammit! xx

George Bush’s Niece Engaged to Ralph Lauren’s Son = Lauren Lauren

Lauren Bush engaged to David Lauren – I only tell you this news because… that mean’s she’ll be Lauren Lauren!

Tim Gunn Told Conan O’Brien It’s OK to Wear Jeggings

Love Conan. Love Jeggings. Love how skinny Conan’s legs are in Jeggings.

Dressing for a Prince – Doesn’t Take Much

Check out what Kate Middleton was wearing when Prince William first spotted her. That has got to be the worst dress I have ever seen?.. I only add the question mark because my brain is still googling itself for any other dresses in my lifetime that potentially could be uglier…?

She wore it 8 years ago on the runway of a school charity show and now the owner won’t part with it because she plans on watching its worth grow faster than her career in fashion design. (via.)