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Vans Customized Slip-Ons with Hermès

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Robert Verdi (famous fashion spokesperson/interviewer/guy) sent some Hermès scarves to Vans to get some customized slip-ons. Aren’t these great?

Pics from Vans & Bryanboy


Bicycle Helmets That Don’t Look Like Helmets

Omg, I’m saving your spaghetti noodle brains as well as your stubborn sense of style with this one. Please people – wear helmets when you bike! Buy them at The Bicycle Muse for $140. (or $65 for the hat covers only…)

Manhattan, My Pinball Machine

Holy Moly.. look at this 20 second video that makes Manhattan into a perfect pinball machine.



Fantasy Football Loser Tattoo

A group of 9 buddies in Omaha made a wager that took their group’s Fantasy Football league to whole ‘nother level. Whoever came in last place would have to get a tattoo chosen by whoever came in first place. I think the tattoo is pretty awesome – who doesn’t love unicorn rainbow footballs!

Mathematically Organized. Airily Unfinished. Tragically Elegant.

Hi. Happy Sunday.

Mathematically organized. A beautiful way to store organized firewood. I wish I had a fireplace. But even if i did, I’d probably have 1 of those electric ones and still wouldn’t have a need for firewood.

Airily unfinished. Notice the purposefully unfinished blue paint on the walls? I’m big on “purposefully unfinished” in my home because it makes a great excuse when your friend comes over and says ‘I see you’ve made some progress on this mural [with thick sarcasm].” PS. I have that same aluminum Ikea mirror.

Tragically elegant. Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre have a book, The Ruins of Detroit, that showcases sadly elegant photographs of an abandoned and neglected Motor City.

Yarn Bombs for Knitwits

Check out these cozy-wozy public knit bombings (although, some are actual art installations) – don’t they just make you feel all fuzzy-wuzzy? (via)

Don’t Worry – They Figured Out What To Do with the ‘1’ Just In Time

Just in case you have been fretting since New Year’s 2010 (a year perfectly made for novelty glasses) about what future lay ahead for this year’s New Year’s Eve’s #3 most popular party accessory *.. have no fear. They figured it out.


*I made up that statistic.

Inflatable Picture Frame, $10

I love photojojo and I love quirky home decor like this Inflate-a-frame, $10. For temporary, permanant or silly use, this frame holds an 8″ X 10″ photo and has 2 tabs on the back that can be hung vertically or horizontally.  Might also go well with that inflatable headboard idea I’ve been meaning to explore..

Wewood Watches Went the Wood Way

Love these wewood watches ($119 each) – and for every watch you buy they plant a tree!

Modern Custom Cameos by Rux

Rux Design makes these awesome gifts based on the silhouette of famous people (all the dudes on your dollar bills) and not famous people (you!) Check out this porcelain bust that incorporates the profile of 7 historical dudes: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant, and Benjamin Franklin.  At $1,100, the Polybust #1 is a bit pricey but a great gift for someone who has everything and loves great design. And loves that it’s limited to only 100 pieces ever made.

Rux also makes these custom resin bangles, $350 and gold rings, starting at $1700 based on a photograph of a loved one (or YOU) that you submit to them. I think the rings make great wedding bands for men (and quite the romantic gesture, don’t you?) I can imagine the effect is better with people who have pronounced features..