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A Proposal, Analyzed to the Billionth – Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Nerdiest Handshake For The Win!

How much do I love this nerdy-geeky handshake between Knicks teammates, Landry Fields & Jeremy Lin! I mean, they PUT AWAY THEIR READING GLASSES haha!

This is also a shout-out to Landry, who went to my high school Whoop-Whoop! And Jeremy because… he’s just a cool Asian. Whoop-Whoop!

  1. Two quick high fives on opposite hands.
  2. Landry Fields presents his hands to Jeremy Lin as though they are a book.
  3. Lin “pages” through the book.
  4. Fields closes the book.
  5. Both Lin and Fields put their hands to their eyes as though they are glasses.
  6. Both players “remove” their glasses and put them into an invisible shirt pocket.

Tattooing Your Friends’ Facebook Faces All Over Your Arm. Think About It.

This is not an dumb adolescent who tattooed his friends’ facebook profile photos all over his arm – he’s a scientist! He has managed to extract that 1 genetic flaw in an adolescent’s DNA that clouds future forethought with fleeting fads. Fabulous.

Video here.

***Oops, it was a hoax. But still, who cares…***

Split the Rent Calculator

Often with roommates there are rooms in a home that are of different value — bigger, better location, worst sound insulation, has a bathroom, doesn’t have closets… How do you figure out how much rent each room is worth? That’s where the Split the Rent Calculator comes in handy. The creater even has lots of charts and graphs to explain his algorithms. Btw.. SO happpy I don’t live with roommates anymore — although, I loved each and every nutcase I co-habitated with when I did “split the rent”. [No, this is not an invitation for you to reach out and reconnect with me — remember: I refered to you as a nutcase!..]

Optical Illusion Thursday


Guess the Celebrity from Yearbook Photos

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Can you guess which red-carpet celebrities these cutie teens grow up to become? I’m particularly fond of the the photo of “noreht ezilrahc”  (name spelled backwards) who looks geek-chic 2010.

Saks Thinks I’m Dowdy

Sometimes, after you have been browsing their site, sends a spooky email showing products they think you’ll be enticed to buy based on your clicks. I don’t know if their algorithm is off or I just don’t know myself well enough– but these items do not a sexy young Manhattan lady makes! What’s with the giant backwards dowdy sweater?? Btw, that Marc Jacobs piece is on sale for $840 from $1,400 and the 1 review it got (yes, remember they have reviews now) is 2 stars and says, “The sweater looked better in the photo than on my body.” I need to find this reviewer and give her a hug, poor thing!

Don’t Worry – They Figured Out What To Do with the ‘1’ Just In Time

Just in case you have been fretting since New Year’s 2010 (a year perfectly made for novelty glasses) about what future lay ahead for this year’s New Year’s Eve’s #3 most popular party accessory *.. have no fear. They figured it out.


*I made up that statistic.

George Bush’s Niece Engaged to Ralph Lauren’s Son = Lauren Lauren

Lauren Bush engaged to David Lauren – I only tell you this news because… that mean’s she’ll be Lauren Lauren!

Trompe L’Oeil Dresses are Not Just for Halloween

Oh! Just when I thought sexy-outfits-printed-on-big-t-shirts were TOTALLY TACKY.. I come across this Bordelle Angela print limited-edition dress for $520.  But I think this one below was about $30 in a gift shop in Vegas. (via.)