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Sweet Zombie Love

Came across this awesome photographer, Amanda Rynda, who shot this couple’s engagement photos with a sweet zombie theme. That pretty much means.. they are an awesome couple.

Don’t worry – she does no-zombie engagement photos, too…


Last Blog Post

So if you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been posting too often on my blog these days. Time has gotten so consumed with people, places, passions and practically everything else that comes along with a packed life.  I figure, instead of maintaining a partially-loved blog, I should just set it out to pasture. Plus, having to produce such a predictable amount of precocious posts that pan to the population and provoke pensive thought or piddly chortles is probably pushing me past my personal periphery of plausible …oh who am I kidding.  Happy April Fool’s!

Sorry I Can’t Attend Your Wedding.. Because I Have No Idea How to Dress in “Morning Coat” or “Lounge Suit”

Here’s the wedding invitation for Prince William and Kate Middleton that was sent to about 1,900 peons, I mean peasants people. Of these 1,900 close friends & family, 600 are invited to the Queen’s reception immediately following. And of these 600 people, only 300 are invited to Prince Charles’ dinner at Buckingham Palace. I wonder if they are registered at Amazon Wedding

Kate Spade Valentines



Kate Spade’s site is offering a gallery of free Valentine  e-cards made from different friends & artists.  These are some of my favorites (although, I am only now realizing I pair donkeys & pigs up with romance…)

Happy Birthday Shanny!

Never break your ankle before coming to NYC ever again! Lots of love to you on your birthday.. you deserve the world!



Happy New Year – OWN It!

Oprah launched her new eponymous network, OWN,  today at noon? Why? Because she CAN!

Happy New Year and make sure you also OWN this 2011 because you CAN, dammit! xx

Don’t Worry – They Figured Out What To Do with the ‘1’ Just In Time

Just in case you have been fretting since New Year’s 2010 (a year perfectly made for novelty glasses) about what future lay ahead for this year’s New Year’s Eve’s #3 most popular party accessory *.. have no fear. They figured it out.


*I made up that statistic.

Happy Hanukkah!

Good and Bad Halloween Carving Techniques Critiqued


Good technique…

…and bad technique.

Happy Birthday Lisa! <3