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Good and Kind Friday

Ain’t that the Truth!



Limber Joe

I took this photo in my local Trader Joe’s market this weekend. That is all.

A Proposal, Analyzed to the Billionth – Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Bad Baby Costume

I know these things are not supposed to be funny, and usually I am terribly bothered about any kind of child exploitation — but this is just too ridiculous. I mean, how in the world did this pageant mom on TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras ever get the notion that this was in any way a GOOD idea?? Like this Gothamist article points out, mom didn’t even choose to dress her up like the cleaned-up hooker that Juliet Robert’s character in Pretty Woman becomes in the end of this 1990 movie — she chose to dress up her baby as the icky-dirty-shunned hooker from the beginning of the movie! And that baby spray tan is just ludicrous… she looks like she’s wearing old lady stockings all over.

Someone Found My ATM Receipt & Blogged About It. I’m So Embarrased!

Just Kidding. But really– who keeps that much money in a savings account! And $2.75 for an ATM fee – hot damn! One of the commenters on the Gawker post said the owner probably made that $2.75 in interest while standing at the ATM machine. Another commenter did the math: offers 0.50% APR for balances over $50,000, so let’s use that rate.
At $100mil, he makes $500,000 a year in interest alone. And, thanks to Rent, I know there are 525,600 minutes in a year.
So he makes $0.95 a minute. So long as his ATM transaction took longer than 2:54, then yes.
He DOES make back that much in interest. ūüė¶

It seems this receipt belongs to billionaire hedge fund manager, David Tepper. Good for you, David!

Tattooing Your Friends’ Facebook Faces All Over Your Arm. Think About It.

This is not an dumb adolescent who tattooed his friends’ facebook profile photos all over his arm – he’s a scientist! He has managed to extract that 1 genetic flaw in an adolescent’s DNA that clouds future forethought with fleeting fads. Fabulous.

Video here.

***Oops, it was a hoax. But still, who cares…***

Vans Customized Slip-Ons with Herm√®s

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Robert Verdi (famous fashion spokesperson/interviewer/guy) sent some Herm√®s scarves to Vans to get some customized slip-ons. Aren’t these great?

Pics from Vans & Bryanboy

Fuzzy Brain

Apologies for not posting as frequently. I could say it’s because my brain’s been fuzzy… or maybe there’s just been nothing interesting going on in the world lately. Ok, yes, fuzzy brain.

Last Blog Post

So if you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been posting too often on my blog these days. Time has gotten so consumed with people, places, passions and practically everything else that comes along with a packed life.¬† I figure, instead of maintaining a partially-loved blog, I should just set it out to pasture. Plus, having to produce such a predictable amount of precocious posts that pan to the population and provoke pensive thought or piddly chortles is probably pushing me past my personal periphery of plausible …oh who am I kidding.¬† Happy April Fool’s!

Diet Sodas for Dudes

Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper and Pepsi have all created diet sodas for guys: Coca-Cola Zero, Dr. Pepper Ten, Pepsi Max.¬†With strong sports-oriented marketing campaigns, darker masculine packaging and a vieled attempt to distract from the diet benefit with claims of “extreme” flavors, no one will notice he’s drinking the Nutrisystem/Curves/Spanx of soda! Nope! So, “No girls allowed”? No problem — I don’t drink/eat diet-anything. Those things¬†are for wussies!….

PS. Just in case you were wondering, I’m also not interested in Diet Pepsi’s new “skinny” can, debuted during NYC Fashion Week last week with much controversy