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Funniest & Scariest NYC Hotel Review – Criminals, Hookers & Bed Bugs Oh My!

I had never heard about the Glenwood Hotel in Brooklyn until it was mentioned in the news as being the location of a terrible crime. As I am often researching hotels for business and friends, I am well aware about the pitiful conditions of NYC’s hotel industry (tiny dirty rooms, exorbitant prices, too good to be true, etc.) BUT THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST OF THE WORST OF THE WORST places to stay I have ever come across. The few reviews out there all say sleeping on the street would be better and describe what is often the most terrifying/traumatic experience of their lives.  The review below made me laugh in fear so hard that I found it difficult to get past some of the words. Please enjoy and please be warned:

DemianC from Seattle, WA  – July 4, 2010

“So, looking for a NY getaway on the cheap? Have I got a suggestion for you! The streets, or hey, just ride the subway all night. Even the internet wouldn’t want to publish pictures of my feet, legs, arm or back, due to the insane amount of bedbug bites I have on me. In roughly 72 hours, I was able to get about 9 hours of sleep. The room is smaller than your closet. “I don’t have a closet” you say? It’s still bigger! My first night, it was roughly 90 plus degrees in there. But that was the comfortable part. The ceiling is a screen door. There was a guy constantly sitting right outside my room who looked like the evil love child of Mickey Rourke and Gary Busey. The gent “sleeping next to my room, loved to wake up at 5 every morning and hock phlegmies for an hour or so straight. And that is when he stopped snoring. He also liked to cut some long gas passages, the last one I clocked at roughly 23 seconds. My guess, he was no more wanting to use their bathroom than I or the rats were. The rats, you don’t see them so much as hear them, and I think they were weary of the surroundings as well. The guests, many of them residents. The ladies were kind of nice, because they’re hookers namely. The evil creep behind the cage was somehow in cahoots with them. One guy likes to sit in the lobby and sleep and drool ropes. I also saw him going into the bathroom, his pants were not part of the deal, but he did have his hands over his crotch and buttocks as the bathroom trip clearly got started before he could get there. The shower was scary, and if you can sit on their toilets, you will likely get leprosy. And then, the bedbugs. Oh, the bedbugs are RAMPANT! In my 8 to 9 hours of sleep over three days, I was able to get hundreds, yes hundreds of bites. And I never once pulled back the sheets. No one offered to wash or change them, so you can still see my bloodstains if you go now. It is not just that they have bedbugs, they are the SOURCE of the bedbugs. NY is supposed to be having an issue with them, and if the D.O.H. would stop accepting bribes, and burn the place down, then burn the ashes, the bedbug problem would likely end. Not just in NY, but the whole wide world. Seriously folks, graveyards are a less creepy place to sleep. They don’t mention their name on Craigslist, but it is the $30 ad with the tiny bed. It’s so bad, you may just want to avoid Brooklyn altogether. I’m going to go write a horror movie about the place, and you know what? None of it would be fiction.”

I honestly can’t wait until DemianC publishes his first screenplay or book.



There are really terrible stories about police brutality against the protesters of Occupy Wall Street who are were marching from Wall Street to Union Square to protest corporate greed and other economy issues people are tired of living in. But I just wanted to post this photo of the events (from this Gothamist story about the cop who allegedly pepper-sprayed protesters unnecessarily over the weekend). I look at this photo, and the first thing I think is: Geico commercial.

5.8 East Coast Earthquake Destruction

From jmckinley: “Thanks to all of you for your kind words of support, as we look to recover from the devastation of today’s quake!”

Someone Found My ATM Receipt & Blogged About It. I’m So Embarrased!

Just Kidding. But really– who keeps that much money in a savings account! And $2.75 for an ATM fee – hot damn! One of the commenters on the Gawker post said the owner probably made that $2.75 in interest while standing at the ATM machine. Another commenter did the math: offers 0.50% APR for balances over $50,000, so let’s use that rate.
At $100mil, he makes $500,000 a year in interest alone. And, thanks to Rent, I know there are 525,600 minutes in a year.
So he makes $0.95 a minute. So long as his ATM transaction took longer than 2:54, then yes.
He DOES make back that much in interest. 😦

It seems this receipt belongs to billionaire hedge fund manager, David Tepper. Good for you, David!

88 Keys in a Piano, 88 Pianos in New York

“Play Me I’m Yours” is a fun little program that’s placed 88 uniquely-designed pianos all over New York, inviting you to sit down and play on a whim. Or pull together a little jam band to play your favorite show tunes. Or just slam your hands on the keys to get out your frustration from stepping in dog poo in your new Louboutins. All 88 pianos in the 5 boroughs are mapped out here.

Doanie Likes TV

Last week my skills made it on a few shows across TV land..

On Tuesday, Bloomberg TV aired a new show, Bloomberg Enterprise, which showed a glimpse of me looking bored on the phone. Yes, I’m always on the phone but never am I ever bored at work!…Let’s just chalk it up to “stage fright”.

Then a few days later, the marketing girls and I worked on some fun “youth-centric” posters for the crowd at the live Rihanna concert on the Today Show. I was pretty proud of my creation (how often does an adult get the chance to draw leopard print with fat markers?)

The next morning I found out that the team hustled the posters out and a security guard posted my particular one near the stage – whoo hoo!

Do you see it? Over there! On the right! Yah!……

PS. Also in the same week I crossed paths with Spike Lee and then on 5th Ave with Alex from the Real Housewives of NY. No photos there but I can say.. she looks exactly the same as on TV.

Reincarnation With Charmin

Wow. CVS just moved into the old ornate bank on 8th Ave & 14th St. The building is amazing but very funny to buy toilet paper in. I haven’t been in NYC long enough to remember it as a bank but I do remember it as Balducci’s gourmet market and also as a rug store before that!


Reason To Love NYC #82,774

Only in NY do you walk home with your arms full of groceries & a bouquet of flowers… and stop to watch a very random 20 minute full-on fireworks show. The neighborhood was scratching its collective head on this one… once it figured out these weren’t gunshots. Such a nice treat for Tuesday!…


Gosh, Snow is So Beautiful Sometimes…

Manhattan, My Pinball Machine

Holy Moly.. look at this 20 second video that makes Manhattan into a perfect pinball machine.