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Limber Joe

I took this photo in my local Trader Joe’s market this weekend. That is all.

Prosciutto of Pig’s Past


I write this with fear trembling in my fingertips. The other day I was alone in the kitchen grabbing some prosciutto for a snack (my #1 favorite food of all time). As I peeled some off the wax paper and placed it on a plate, I turned around and looked down to find…… A PIG. A scurrying, hairy-eared, (maybe even boar-like), fleeing pig. I was so scared, I took a photo— and then ate it real fast. All of it – I ate all of the prosciutto like Miranda ate that giant cookie cake that said “I Love You”. If I eat it, it doesn’t exist…

I Love French Bulldogs & Babies. Especially When They Are the Same.

This is just, just, just… the best.


There are really terrible stories about police brutality against the protesters of Occupy Wall Street who are were marching from Wall Street to Union Square to protest corporate greed and other economy issues people are tired of living in. But I just wanted to post this photo of the events (from this Gothamist story about the cop who allegedly pepper-sprayed protesters unnecessarily over the weekend). I look at this photo, and the first thing I think is: Geico commercial.

5.8 East Coast Earthquake Destruction

From jmckinley: “Thanks to all of you for your kind words of support, as we look to recover from the devastation of today’s quake!”

Sweet Zombie Love

Came across this awesome photographer, Amanda Rynda, who shot this couple’s engagement photos with a sweet zombie theme. That pretty much means.. they are an awesome couple.

Don’t worry – she does no-zombie engagement photos, too…

Doanie Likes TV

Last week my skills made it on a few shows across TV land..

On Tuesday, Bloomberg TV aired a new show, Bloomberg Enterprise, which showed a glimpse of me looking bored on the phone. Yes, I’m always on the phone but never am I ever bored at work!…Let’s just chalk it up to “stage fright”.

Then a few days later, the marketing girls and I worked on some fun “youth-centric” posters for the crowd at the live Rihanna concert on the Today Show. I was pretty proud of my creation (how often does an adult get the chance to draw leopard print with fat markers?)

The next morning I found out that the team hustled the posters out and a security guard posted my particular one near the stage – whoo hoo!

Do you see it? Over there! On the right! Yah!……

PS. Also in the same week I crossed paths with Spike Lee and then on 5th Ave with Alex from the Real Housewives of NY. No photos there but I can say.. she looks exactly the same as on TV.

Body Double

I was browsing H & M’s website for bathing suits (gearing up for the summer!!) and noticed that all the models had the same exact body. What is the point of showing the same bathing suit.. on the same body… with a different supermodel head photoshopped on it?? Seems like a lot of work for no point. I don’t get it.

Look at the top 2 photos — same body, different heads, and then they went through the trouble of changing the jewelry. All this for a $4.98 bikini! And it’s not like Cintia Dicker doesn’t have a perfectly good Sports Illustrated supermodel bikini body of her own to use (see example below). Oh, maybe these supermodels have superagents who are really good at securing international fashion campaigns that only require them to have 1 photo taken of their heads each….

Reincarnation With Charmin

Wow. CVS just moved into the old ornate bank on 8th Ave & 14th St. The building is amazing but very funny to buy toilet paper in. I haven’t been in NYC long enough to remember it as a bank but I do remember it as Balducci’s gourmet market and also as a rug store before that!


Reason To Love NYC #82,774

Only in NY do you walk home with your arms full of groceries & a bouquet of flowers… and stop to watch a very random 20 minute full-on fireworks show. The neighborhood was scratching its collective head on this one… once it figured out these weren’t gunshots. Such a nice treat for Tuesday!…