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A Proposal, Analyzed to the Billionth – Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Sweet Zombie Love

Came across this awesome photographer, Amanda Rynda, who shot this couple’s engagement photos with a sweet zombie theme. That pretty much means.. they are an awesome couple.

Don’t worry – she does no-zombie engagement photos, too…

Dressing for a Prince – Doesn’t Take Much

Check out what Kate Middleton was wearing when Prince William first spotted her. That has got to be the worst dress I have ever seen?.. I only add the question mark because my brain is still googling itself for any other dresses in my lifetime that potentially could be uglier…?

She wore it 8 years ago on the runway of a school charity show and now the owner won’t part with it because she plans on watching its worth grow faster than her career in fashion design. (via.)

New Vocabulary: Meatloaf Moment

Another word I invented, Meatloaf Moment, can be found on Urban Dictionary..

noun: The moment when someone realizes the limits to their love for someone/something. Rooted from the title & lyrics of the 1993 rock hit by Meatloaf: “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” Since the word “That” in the lyrics was commonly regarded as vague in its insinuation, it can also be regarded just as open-ended for everyday life. Based on the Oprah’s popular “Aha! Moment” terminology describing a person’s moment of spiritual and psychological clarity.

“Sarah reached her Meatloaf Moment when her boyfriend Greg asked to borrow her cute jeans.

Cutesy Hipster Couple Gets Engaged in Retro Photobooth – So Sweet

Artist blogger couple Angela & Ithyle shows off their surprise engagement: “These are the pictures from when we got engaged.  I have no idea in frames one and two and am really confused in frame three (lets never make that face again!) and really surprised in frame four.

The 12 True Riches in Life

From Napoleon Hill,  one of America’s 1st Success Self-Help authors, comes a list of the 12 True Riches in Life:

  1. Positive mental attitude
  2. Sound physical health
  3. Harmony in human relations
  4. Freedom from fear
  5. Hope of future achievement
  6. Capacity for applied Faith
  7. Willingness to share one’s blessing with others
  8. To be engaged in a labor of love
  9. An open mind on all subjects toward all people
  10. Complete self discipline
  11. Wisdom with which to understand people
  12. Financial security

Notice how only 1 item, the last one, pertains to actual money. Think about it, how rich is life if you have poor health but with tons of money in the bank– and no one to share it with?

I live my life feeling “rich” everyday (no matter the pennies in my wallet), whether I’m time-affluent, food-choice-affluent (I do live in NYC), or laundry-affluent (everything’s cleaned, no piles to sort!) Being rich, to me, is simply a way of thinking.. (aha! That would be #1 on the list) How do you feel rich in your everyday life?

You Never Know What Really Goes on in Someone Else’s Relationship

What a happy family!

Your 6-Word Memoir

As you can tell, I like brevity. For my blog, I like taking an idea and reducing it to just a couple sentences so you get as much info in as little reading as possible. That’s why I love this idea of the 6-word memoir: too short to bore anyone yet long enough to get a clever synopsis.

Some of my favorites:

  1. Desperately wanted sister. Created imaginary friend.
  2. Shoes perpetually untied. Yet rarely trip.
  3. Lost fiance. Found self. Only eighteen.
  4. I wish sweatpants were considered sexy.
  5. Dad drinks alot. It’s okay.
  6. First date persists now 34 years
  7. She extrovert. Me introvert. Together difficult.

Can you come up with your own 6-word memoir? I’ll have to think a little for mine….

Simon Gets Divorce from Tamara on the Real Housewives of Orange County

I guess to blog this, I will have to admit I am friends with Simon Barney on Facebook (Tamra Barney actually deleted me some months ago but that’s just a silly story). Lately his statuses have been pretty sad, morose, reflective and so full of grammatical errors that you just couldn’t even start to make fun of him.  He posted this wedding pic that he photoshopped yesterday and his latest update reads:

“Tonight is a night that will live in darkness for the rest of my life.I feel like a took someone’s life to save mine.The life I took was a marriage that I cherish from deep within my soul.I nurtured and protected this life.I defended it with all my heart.This life’s light would grow dim from all the strife.This life’s …light would flicker and go out.Now it is all dark.I must find my way,till I see the light again.Y.N.”

Damn, Simon – you really are hurting aren’t you? According to the NY Daily News, he filed for divorce from her, claiming she “has been verbally abusive and has committed acts of disloyalty and infidelity.”

“Simon has simply had enough,” a source said – “The show changed her.”

What Exactly is the Overriding Gay Agenda?

…Do Laundry
Send Back Netflix
Feed the dog…

from godhatesprotesters