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What a Crock of Stock!

Reached for a nice carton of chicken stock and –WHAt THe..! Whole Foods, you’re not gonna trick me into buying $35 broth this time!..


Yay – The Doanie Sweater Now In Stores!

I knew I was going to have a sweater named after me (and designed-inspired by me!) in Club Monaco this season, but I didn’t know I’d be getting a little signage too!  Love it so much I nabbed the Doanie in 2 colors this morning! Short in the front, long in the back so it covers the bootie, and a deep v-neck — what more could I want!

PS. Just found it on

Body Double

I was browsing H & M’s website for bathing suits (gearing up for the summer!!) and noticed that all the models had the same exact body. What is the point of showing the same bathing suit.. on the same body… with a different supermodel head photoshopped on it?? Seems like a lot of work for no point. I don’t get it.

Look at the top 2 photos — same body, different heads, and then they went through the trouble of changing the jewelry. All this for a $4.98 bikini! And it’s not like Cintia Dicker doesn’t have a perfectly good Sports Illustrated supermodel bikini body of her own to use (see example below). Oh, maybe these supermodels have superagents who are really good at securing international fashion campaigns that only require them to have 1 photo taken of their heads each….

Reincarnation With Charmin

Wow. CVS just moved into the old ornate bank on 8th Ave & 14th St. The building is amazing but very funny to buy toilet paper in. I haven’t been in NYC long enough to remember it as a bank but I do remember it as Balducci’s gourmet market and also as a rug store before that!


Saks Thinks I’m Dowdy

Sometimes, after you have been browsing their site, sends a spooky email showing products they think you’ll be enticed to buy based on your clicks. I don’t know if their algorithm is off or I just don’t know myself well enough– but these items do not a sexy young Manhattan lady makes! What’s with the giant backwards dowdy sweater?? Btw, that Marc Jacobs piece is on sale for $840 from $1,400 and the 1 review it got (yes, remember they have reviews now) is 2 stars and says, “The sweater looked better in the photo than on my body.” I need to find this reviewer and give her a hug, poor thing!

Inflatable Picture Frame, $10

I love photojojo and I love quirky home decor like this Inflate-a-frame, $10. For temporary, permanant or silly use, this frame holds an 8″ X 10″ photo and has 2 tabs on the back that can be hung vertically or horizontally.  Might also go well with that inflatable headboard idea I’ve been meaning to explore..

Wewood Watches Went the Wood Way

Love these wewood watches ($119 each) – and for every watch you buy they plant a tree!

Modern Custom Cameos by Rux

Rux Design makes these awesome gifts based on the silhouette of famous people (all the dudes on your dollar bills) and not famous people (you!) Check out this porcelain bust that incorporates the profile of 7 historical dudes: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant, and Benjamin Franklin.  At $1,100, the Polybust #1 is a bit pricey but a great gift for someone who has everything and loves great design. And loves that it’s limited to only 100 pieces ever made.

Rux also makes these custom resin bangles, $350 and gold rings, starting at $1700 based on a photograph of a loved one (or YOU) that you submit to them. I think the rings make great wedding bands for men (and quite the romantic gesture, don’t you?) I can imagine the effect is better with people who have pronounced features..

Trompe L’Oeil Dresses are Not Just for Halloween

Oh! Just when I thought sexy-outfits-printed-on-big-t-shirts were TOTALLY TACKY.. I come across this Bordelle Angela print limited-edition dress for $520.  But I think this one below was about $30 in a gift shop in Vegas. (via.)

Sterling’s Gold: Roger’s Book is Actually Getting Published

You can pre-order Roger Sterling’s autobiography at Amazon for $10.17. That’s right — a real published book written by a fake character on Mad Men!

An excerpt:

June 29th, 1965

Gentle Reader,

After devoting most of my life to the
nefarious trade known as advertising,
I thought it was time to share some of
the pearls that I’ve been fortunate enough
to accumulate. Now keep in mind that
oysters don’t open easy and every one of
those gaudy baubles started off as a grain
of sand.

As you may find out, I’m not a writer.
On some level, that’s a point of pride
because it steered me away from the cliché
of autobiography. I had no desire to waste
your and my time trying to turn a list of
events into a campaign of triumph.
So here it is . . . a few things overheard,
a few things to live by, and hell,
a few things I’ve apparently said and had
repeated to me the morning after a party
when I called to make amends. As I said,
advertising’s been half my life and I’m
probably off by 50 percent. But dammit,
if it hasn’t felt like fifteen minutes. Continue reading →