Yay – The Doanie Sweater Now In Stores!

I knew I was going to have a sweater named after me (and designed-inspired by me!) in Club Monaco this season, but I didn’t know I’d be getting a little signage too!  Love it so much I nabbed the Doanie in 2 colors this morning! Short in the front, long in the back so it covers the bootie, and a deep v-neck — what more could I want!

PS. Just found it on shopbop.com.


I Love French Bulldogs & Babies. Especially When They Are the Same.

This is just, just, just… the best.


There are really terrible stories about police brutality against the protesters of Occupy Wall Street who are were marching from Wall Street to Union Square to protest corporate greed and other economy issues people are tired of living in. But I just wanted to post this photo of the events (from this Gothamist story about the cop who allegedly pepper-sprayed protesters unnecessarily over the weekend). I look at this photo, and the first thing I think is: Geico commercial.

Bad Baby Costume

I know these things are not supposed to be funny, and usually I am terribly bothered about any kind of child exploitation — but this is just too ridiculous. I mean, how in the world did this pageant mom on TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras ever get the notion that this was in any way a GOOD idea?? Like this Gothamist article points out, mom didn’t even choose to dress her up like the cleaned-up hooker that Juliet Robert’s character in Pretty Woman becomes in the end of this 1990 movie — she chose to dress up her baby as the icky-dirty-shunned hooker from the beginning of the movie! And that baby spray tan is just ludicrous… she looks like she’s wearing old lady stockings all over.

5.8 East Coast Earthquake Destruction

From jmckinley: “Thanks to all of you for your kind words of support, as we look to recover from the devastation of today’s quake!”

Kardashians in Order

Ok, yah, Kim got married this weekend, the family launched a Sears line, yada yada yada… business as usual for the Kardashians. But I just came across this photo of all the Kardashian ladies and, like a geek, tried to figure out the method to the madness, the order of chaos, the sequential series that they are all standing in… and then I figured it out. They are standing in order of most attractive, right to left. High fashion model on the right, Rosie O’Donnell with makeup on the left.

Sweet Zombie Love

Came across this awesome photographer, Amanda Rynda, who shot this couple’s engagement photos with a sweet zombie theme. That pretty much means.. they are an awesome couple.

Don’t worry – she does no-zombie engagement photos, too…

Someone Found My ATM Receipt & Blogged About It. I’m So Embarrased!

Just Kidding. But really– who keeps that much money in a savings account! And $2.75 for an ATM fee – hot damn! One of the commenters on the Gawker post said the owner probably made that $2.75 in interest while standing at the ATM machine. Another commenter did the math:

Smartpig.com offers 0.50% APR for balances over $50,000, so let’s use that rate.
At $100mil, he makes $500,000 a year in interest alone. And, thanks to Rent, I know there are 525,600 minutes in a year.
So he makes $0.95 a minute. So long as his ATM transaction took longer than 2:54, then yes.
He DOES make back that much in interest. 😦

It seems this receipt belongs to billionaire hedge fund manager, David Tepper. Good for you, David!

Japanese Kids Injecting Faces

According to this inquisitive Vice article, the crazy kids in Japan are into a special kind of temporary body modification – injecting their foreheads with saline solutions. When it bubbles up, they stick their finger in the middle to make a bagel shape.  I’m trying to eat few carbs these days, so No to Bagels for me, Thank You. I’ll just stick to my own personal temporary body modifications — waking up to presents from friendly mosquitoes. People, when I say Mosquitoes love me, I REALLY MEAN IT. This particular photo was taken 6 hours after the onset – you don’t want to see that 1st one. It’s scarier than the pics up there. Don’t I look like Melanie Griffith?

88 Keys in a Piano, 88 Pianos in New York

“Play Me I’m Yours” is a fun little program that’s placed 88 uniquely-designed pianos all over New York, inviting you to sit down and play on a whim. Or pull together a little jam band to play your favorite show tunes. Or just slam your hands on the keys to get out your frustration from stepping in dog poo in your new Louboutins. All 88 pianos in the 5 boroughs are mapped out here.