Wrestling Babies


  Just felt like posting these. 


New Amazing 6-story Mural on Chelsea Elementary School

Teal is #1 This Fall (& Every Fall, For Me)

FYI ladies & gents – these will be the top 10 colors we will be wearing come autumn, accordng to Pantone. I’m very excited about Deep Teal– but then, I’m always excited about teal. Check out 1 of my new favorite nail colors below. I’m not a fan of American Apperal in general but I am a HUGE fan of thier nail polishes, $6. They go on smooth and opaque and don’t chip for a muchhhh longer time than my usual Opi or Essie polishes.

Kate Spade Valentines



Kate Spade’s site is offering a gallery of free Valentine  e-cards made from different friends & artists.  These are some of my favorites (although, I am only now realizing I pair donkeys & pigs up with romance…)

Milan’s Unique Sense of L.O.V.E.

Yikes – Maurizio Cattelan‘s “L.O.V.E” statue in front of the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan sure doesn’t embody the normal sentiment of “love” during this Valentine’s Day season! This controversial artist’s marble hand measures 13 feet and will live there for 1 year until next October. Those crazy Italians..

Manhattan, My Pinball Machine

Holy Moly.. look at this 20 second video that makes Manhattan into a perfect pinball machine.



Average is Still Beautiful

Beauty. Such a rare and unique thing – or is it? Above is a photo compilation of several (I can’t figure out if it’s dozens or hundreds) female faces and what you’re seeing is the “average”.  The average tends to render a symetrical and clear-skinned natural beauty. What do you think?

Check out these “averaged” photos of 64 women and 32 men for a study on attractiveness:


That’s Not Taffy.. That’s Animal!

Don’t want you to turn vegetarian or anything (I am far from it!) but this is a strange, strange concept. As a method of maximizing profits, the method of AMR (Advanced Meat Recovery) was created to scrape every single bit of meat off of animal bones in meat production. The bits are then put through a high pressure sieve and out comes this pink paste that is actually flesh and blood. To be honest, it is believable.. but hard for me to fully trust the story since it comes from a pro-vegetarian website (vegsource.com). And also, my brain really just thinks this is pretty strawberry soft serve being squeezed into a cardboard box lid. I want sprinkles!..

Frozen Pizza & Frozen Cookies?

Yes, this is real.

Are you supposed to cook them at the same time??

Hermès: High Resolution Shots of Beautiful Leathers

One of the handiest things about my blog is I get to use it as an archival for cool things I want to save for a rainy day. This is a perfect example  — recently, Hermès posted up these high-resolution leather screenshots on their Facebook page. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them, but I’m saving these luxurious “scraps” for my future computer “crafts”. Do you know how hard it is to get perfect high-res texture shots of anything??.. At the very least, this will be a close-up study of the differences between calfskin, goatskin, togo, alligator, and crocodile.