It’s like Tony with a ‘D’

… and that’s how you pronounce my name.


5 responses

  1. hey doanie wanted to know if you knew any bloggers who could help me out with my site…need just a couple posts a month for I want to pay btw 25 and 40 per post based on their experience.

  2. Yes I Like This So Much Thank You From Kriselette Chopin

  3. i von a job and mani mani muje paisa kamana hai muje pyari si nokri chayhai

    1. the probllem with athletic qbs once d coordinators get some tape on their tendancies it’s game over for them. RG3 will join the ranks of Vick, Cam, Vince Young, Kordell Stewart, etc..It pains me to say this but when you got Eli + a bad de.Gesnf.eiants all day

    2. Had a nice walk in the park lately?…or a nice drive-lol:) Good your are well, could have broken a leg in those flip-flops! A gorgeous card anyway, the image is so cute and the flowers looks great as always – wonder how you do it:)Have a great weekend – and take it easy in the park!Hugs Kjersti:)

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